Peri Sharpe's interest and art lies within photographing the detail and aesthetic of the everyday. Most of her photographs are images that we can all see, but do not notice. What attracts her attention is this disregard. A swiggly line of tar on the street, a figure behind the steamed-up glass of a ferry, the detail of plastic blowing in the wind at a construction site, patches of mismatched paint on a wall…these are the subjects of her work. Speed, moment and detail are the foundations on which she situates them. These still, flowing, dissolving, intersecting moments all start to become visible when she chooses to frame them. At times, the details that she photographs become abstract, almost like paintings. The object is divorced from its realistic limitations and with the unique light, shadow and color combinations, is presented to the viewer within a new context. In these photographs, the ordinary and the extraordinary interact in a state that is created rapidly but consumed slowly.


New College of California, MA Psychology
Antioch College, BA Communications/Photography

Solo Shows
2017 - Of Human, Space Debris, Istanbul
2017 - Olagan-Ici, Galeri 5, Istanbul

Group Shows
2018 - 20th Annual Postcards from the Edge, Gallery 524, New York City
2017 - Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Halka Art Project, Istanbul
2017 - Postcards from Tarlabasi, PASAJ, Istanbul
2017 - Artship Exhibitions, Artship Initiatives, San Francisco
2016 - Reconstruct/Construct/Pre-Construct, Halka Art Project, Istanbul
2016 - Haiku, Open Studio Days, Istanbul
2016 - Dun Degil, Tasarim Bakkali, Istanbul
2016 - Pop-Up Photo Show, Istanbul (Curator and Artist)
2015 - Pop-Up Photo Show, Istanbul (Curator and Artist)
2014 - Pop-Up Photo Show, Istanbul (Curator and Artist)
2012 - John Cage 100th Birthday Exhibition, Kuad Galeri, Istanbul